For users on our Business, Advanced, and Partner plans, auto forecast is here!

Auto Forecast

Let Dryrun forecast your upcoming imported expenses and income with a click! Dryrun looks at the past 6 months of imported data, picks out items that repeat and builds out a forward looking forecast in a matter of seconds.

Overwrite item values in future months without worrying that duplicates will occur. 

Continue using placeholder items as your circumstances dictate!

Of course, in Dryrun, you still have full control to test what-ifs, build plans and adjust on the fly!

Average Additional Spend

Dryrun also figures out how much you usually spend month-to-month beyond 'the usual' so that you'll be prepared for the costs you're likely to face.

If you would like to know more about Auto-Forecasting, reach out to and we would love to explain our feature to you!

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