Knowing when to refresh or re-import integration data is key in managing scenarios within your Forecast.

Use the Refresh function to update data.

  • Refresh is the best way to update the data in all scenarios at the same time. (recommended, via the green Refresh Data link in the upper right corner of a Forecast graph.

  • Refresh can also be used on each individual Scenario by accessing the Scenario menu via the Integration badge beside each Scenario. This option updates the data in the corresponding Scenario.

Use the Save and Re-Import function to change and save the integration settings in each scenario, remove data, and re-import data from the integration.

  • Ex. Changing which streams of data to import into a Scenario means that changing existing checkboxes in the Scenario menu is necessary. In this instance, after toggling the appropriate checkboxes, use Save and Re-Import within the Scenario menu.

  • Ex. Changing date range to import information to a Scenario requires Save and Re-Import

Use the Re-Connect function to change the company in question, or reauthorize security credentials through the integration provider's portal.

Finally, Disconnect is used to remove integration data completely from the scenario in question.

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