When importing client data from Pipedrive to Dryrun, two common questions are:

  • Where does Pipedrive data come from exactly?

  • Where does Pipedrive data map to in Dryrun?

Here are the answers to these and other questions:

Deals in Pipedrive

Dryrun pulls from Deals from Pipedrive

  1. uses the deal name

  2. categorizes by pipeline, and

  3. displays deal value

You are able to view with calculations based on deal probability as well as filter out 'won' deals or view 'won deals only.'

Deals: Name

Deals: Category

Deals: Value

Deals: Closing Date

Deals: Probability (Based on user settings in Pipedrive)

Deals: Won (Show 'won deals only' or 'hide won deals' filters are available)

Settings: Toggling view options on and off (Click on the Pipedrive logo for the scenario to access settings)

• Show/hide 'Deal Probability'

• Show 'Won Deals Only'

• Hide 'Won Deals'

 If you would like more information on how Pipedrive integrates with Dryrun don't hesitate to contact us at hello@dryrun.com!

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