When importing client data from Xero to Dryrun, two common questions are:

  • Where does Xero data come from exactly?

  • Where does Xero data map to in Dryrun?

Here's your answer:


Bills: Amount Due

Bills: Due Date

Bills: Planned Date (Overrides Due Date when it is used on an item in Xero)

Bills: Item Name

Bills: Category Name


Dryrun pulls from Xero's income invoices, using Expected Payment Date (if available), or Due Date (if EPD unavailable)

Invoices: Amount Due

Invoices: Due Date

Invoices: Expected Date (Overrides Due Date when it is used on an item in Xero)

Invoices: Item Name

Invoices: Category Name

Bank Balance

Bank Balance to Month Start: Dryrun pulls from Xero's Bank Summary report, query on every month, taking the Opening Balance figure

Bank Balance to Today: Dryrun pulls from Xero's Bank Summary report, query on today's date, taking the Opening Balance figure

Bank Balance: Amount 

Bank Balance: Bank Accounts (If more than one account is selected for sync, the amounts will be compiled)

Bank Balance: Date (Taken from Opening Balance)

Partial Payments

Dryrun will split items up into individual payments when partial payments are accepted in Xero.

The payments are treated as individual items in Dryrun recorded on the payment date. The number of payments is detailed, such as "1 of 4". The unpaid balance is placed on the due date (or 'expected date' if that function is used.)

Partial Payment: Amount and Date of a Payment (Dryrun will track as many payments as required)

Partial Payment: Balance Due (The balance due will refresh to the due date/expected date)

Multi Currency Support

Dryrun pulls the item amount converted to the base currency in Dryrun. The original transaction currency is noted in the category heading and the conversion rate is detailed in the item notes.

Multi Currency: Original Amount (The amount paid in a non-native currency)

Multi Currency: Converted Amount (Converted in Xero to your native currency)

Multi Currency: Exchange Rate (Exchange provided by Xero)

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