A growing number of bookkeepers, accountants and financial professionals are using Dryrun's import options to bring client files directly from QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Xero. In order to gain maximum value for minimum time spent (we know how busy you are!) - allow us to run you through best practices for selecting the right client file to get started with.

To get started easily with Dryrun, choose client files that are:

  • From a small business that attends regularly to their books or that has regular visits from their bookkeeper

  • Generally hits a range of a half million to 10 million in revenue

  • Has big bills and big invoices - sometimes timing is an issue in their cash flow process

  • Is not too inventory-heavy

  • Has been regularly and recently reconciled

  • Uses QuickBooks Online or other software in a 'standard' fashion

  • Has a history of success with bank feeds (if applicable - not necessary)

  • Is comfortable with where Dryrun sits in the 'tech-stack' (image to follow)

As always, reach out to us via our web-chat with questions and experiences you want to share.

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