From time to time, the Dryrun engineering team needs an 'insider's perspective' on Xero. Adding Dryrun as an Advisor to your company may be the course of action recommended.  Here's how:

  • If you have Manage Users permission, you can invite a new user in to your Xero organisation. Each new user will need to accept the invitation to get access. In the Settings menu, select General Settings.


2. Click Users, then click Invite a User. Enter the Dryrun as a user with first name: Dryrun, last name: Team, and email address at Choose the role of Advisor for this user, and leave all other permissions and settings to default.

3.     Click Continue. Enter an email message or use the default text, then click Send Invite. The invitation expires within 14 days.

4. should receive and email to accept the invitation to your company. Once we have fixed the problem we can notify you to remove us from your company.


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