Partners can prepurchase subscriptions for their Dryrun Partner account so that subscription charges are directed to a single administrator account. This feature is especially handy for bookkeepers and accounting professionals who create strategic forecasts for one or more clients using Dryrun's software.

Each subscription is a full, private account and retains the ability to share Forecasts with other Dryrun users. Administrators to the Partner account can add, edit or remove members at any time.

Adding Staff to your Account

Adding Subscriptions/Clients to your Account

In the Clients area of Dryrun, you can select Add Clients to create a user account and assume payment for that subscription through your billing. The point of contact will receive an email to confirm that you will be managing and paying for the account going forward.

Clients are prorated as they are added in relation to the billing date of the administrator's account.

Removing Clients/Staff from your Account

Select Clients, click on the user in question, then Remove to stop paying for a user account. They will be responsible for paying their Dryrun subscription upon the next billing date.

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