Refresh Forecast Data

If you update your data in QuickBooks Online, Pipedrive or Xero often, refreshing your Dryrun Forecasts immediately when you log in is a good habit to get into. It will update all of your data in all integrations and Scenarios across a single Forecast.

At the top right of your Forecast, select Refresh Data in green.

Note: If you would like to view the last time you did a Forecast-wide refresh, select the "i" icon next to Refresh Data.

See Refreshing your Xero Data, Refreshing your QuickBooks Online Data and Refreshing your Pipedrive Data


Refresh Scenario Data

There may be times that you wish to change import settings in Xero, QuickBooks Online or Pipedrive. Perhaps you want to change how you view a set of data or duplicate a Scenario to add this data in.

If you wish to refresh a single Scenario (or multiple Scenarios without refreshing the entire Forecast), you can select the individual Scenario and click on the integration icon (in this case it's Xero). From there, just click Save & Refresh to update data in a single Scenario and leave others as they are. (If required, you can adjust any settings before clicking Save & Refresh)

This feature is meant to allow you to quickly identify issues at a glance, or model out a particular set of data for short term decision making.

See Changing Import Settings in Xero, Changing Import Settings in QuickBooks Online, or Changing Import Settings in Pipedrive.







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