Unpaid item tracking in Dryrun, known as Due Date Tracking, is a simple way to see what bills or invoices are due to be paid or received at a glance.

Click on Bills or Invoices in the month you want to view to access the area and, if you have Due Date Tracking turned on in Settings, either a green dot or red triangle will appear next to the Item. This shows the Item's due date is either due in the future (green) or past due (red).

When creating a new Item in Payables or Receivables, ensure the item is not recurring by selecting No Repeat in the Repeats area. It will automatically correct the End Date below to Due Date. The Due Date will automatically default to today's date but can be changed to reflect the actual due date.

Pro Tip: When creating new Items, the Recurring section always defaults to a monthly repeat with a start and end date, whereas Payables and Receivables default to No Repeat.

If you want any additional help in creating or adjusting line items, reach out to us at hello@dryrun.com! We will happily help you on your cash flow journey!

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