Receivables are those inflows of cash that define your business. Whether you run a design company or a restaurant, monthly receivables can change drastically based on a number of factors. Here's how you enter and manage those factors:

Expand the Scenario to see the core sections by hovering over the month where you'd like to enter the item. A gray arrow will appear to the left of the month and allow you to access the Recurring, Payables and Receivables area.

Minimized scenario:

Expanded Scenario:

Click the arrow to the left of Receivables to view the area. Next, select Add Item under the main menu to enter details.

Expanded Receivables Section:

From here, you can add the name of the inflow (traditionally an invoice or payment to be made to your business), select an existing Category or create a new one, and choose your frequency and beginning/end dates (or due date should you indicate the same date for both).

Of course, you will have your own proprietary method of naming your invoice system so feel free to enter as much or as little data as you want into the notes section.

Pro Tip: Ensure you are entering the date you expect to have the money in your bank account rather than the date the payment is due! An example is if you receive a cheque but it takes 4 business days to clear. Those 4 days can make all the difference in your available cash flow!

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