Dryrun defines Bills (Payables) as those outflows of cash that generally do not recur. These may be maintenance, yearly taxes (variable amounts rather than monthly taxes) or singular instances that arise.

Expand the Scenario to see the core sections by hovering over the month where you'd like to enter the item. A gray arrow will appear to the left of the month and allow you to access the Recurring, Bills and Invoices area.

Minimized scenario:

Expanded Scenario:

Click the arrow to the left of Bills to view the area. Next, select Add Item under the main menu to enter details.

Expanded Bills Section:

From here, you can add the name of the expected payment, select an existing Category or create a new one, and choose your frequency and beginning/end dates (or due date should you indicate the same date for both).

Pro Tip: Keep your recurring payables separate from your one time payables.  Items like salaries and regular maintenance should be recorded under Recurring, whereas one time variable expenses such as paying a short term contractor for work or buying new equipment should go under Bills.

If you need additional assistance creating new line items, reach out to us at hello@dryrun.com, we would love to help you!

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