Creating a new Scenario in Dryrun to compare different business options is quick and easy. Whether you want to visualize sales projections or decide on the best time to purchase new equipment, Dryrun helps you with the "what if" scenarios that you think of every day.

When you open a new Forecast, there is a New Scenario already started for you. You can use that for your recurring budget, or any other main factor you want to model out in your business.

Under that existing Scenario is a grayed out area that also says New Scenario. To access this, and as many new instances as you like, simply click the plus button to the left of the greyed out New Scenario and it will load a brand new Scenario for you to work on.

Pro Tip: If you want to keep all factors the same in a Forecast but would like to see the big picture with just one change, try duplicating the Forecast and modelling out the change. It saves you the time and effort of entering data multiple times!

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