Why Choose Dryrun for Practice Cash Flow Management?

Generally speaking, lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct and Paralegal Rules of Conduct indicate that neither lawyers nor paralegals may appropriate any funds of the client held in trust, or otherwise under the control of the lawyer or paralegal, for or on account of fees.*

*qualifications apply; obviously we're not lawyers

Our mutual concern, however, is that cash flow management and modelling must continue to take place in order to grow a thriving law practice, while remaining compliant with the law society in your region.

Dryrun is ideal for law practices because of how and when we import information.

  • We have the ability to exclude transactions at every stage of the import.

  • Users can exclude accounts entirely in order to accurately project the practice's cash flow without the appearance of commingling in-trust accounts.

  • Office staff can test the forecast by running an independent example scenario to see down to the penny how in-trust accounts are excluded to ensure confidence

Here's a look at Dryrun's import screen - trust accounts would be listed and can be excluded as per my video:

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