In Dryrun, it is easy to share your Forecasts and Scenarios with a business partner, colleague, or client.

There are a few places where you can find the Share option so, let’s go through them:

Sharing from the Dashboard

When you are in your main Dryrun Forecasts dashboard, click on the collapsed menu icon beside the Forecast you wish to share, this will open the menu with the Share button at the top.

You will then be prompted to select a user to share your Forecast with. You can either select a user that has been created already, or you can add a new user.

For more information on creating a new user, visit this article:

You are now able to select the type of access you want your collaborator to have. Do you want them to be able to edit your forecast? Then select Read & Write from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side. Do you not want anyone to touch any of your work? Then make sure you select Read Only.

You are also able to select specific scenarios within your forecast that you want to share.

Once you click on Share, an email will be sent to your collaborator so they can access the forecast.

A Forecast Link will also be provided to you so you can securely send the link to whoever you want to share the Forecast with. Only users that you have selected will be able to access it with this link.

Sharing from the Forecast

You are also able to share right from within the Forecast if you wish so. Simply click on the collapsed menu icon beside your Forecast name and select the Share option. You will be prompted to go through the user selection as detailed before.

Sharing from a Scenario

Alternatively, you can also share your Forecast by clicking the collapsed menu icon beside your Scenario’s name. All the same prompts will also apply from this view.

Your Forecast has now been shared!

For more information on how to Unshare a Forecast, click on this article:

Need a better visual? Here’s a quick GIF:

Pro Tip: The person receiving an invitation to collaborate on your Forecast will be prompted to start a free trial of Dryrun if they are not already a member!

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