Do you want to remove a user or change whether a user can view or edit your forecast? There are a couple of places where this can be done in Dryrun:

From the Forecast dashboard

Simply click on the collapsed menu icon beside the Forecast you wish to unshare. From there, click on the ellipsis which will then open the screen with your permissions options.

From this screen, you can either change the permissions from Read & Write to Read Only, or you can select which Scenarios you want to share.

If you are looking at unsharing the whole Forecast, simply click on the Unshare button on the left-hand side.

Need a visual? Here’s a quick video:

From within the Forecast

You can do the same thing right from the Forecast itself. Just click on the collapsed menu icon beside your Forecast’s name and select share. You will then see the same ellipsis menu as noted above with the same options.

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