What is the Insights Panel?

  • It is a quick snapshot in time of your data to help you monitor your cash flow and keep on top of your numbers.

  • A useful tool, available in a single click, that can be shared with clients to help them stay on track with their goals.

  • A communication aid that has commenting enabled to improve the relationship you have with your clients and colleagues if you are using Dryrun collaboratively. Your contact information is added to each Insights Panel for extra convenience!

There are a couple of ways to access your Insights Panel:

From Each Scenario

Access Dryrun’s Insights Panel by clicking on the collapsed menu icon beside the scenario you wish the Insights Panel to reflect. The panel will be generated with a simple click of the Insights button.

From your Forecast collapsible menu

You can also access your Insights by clicking on the collapsed menu icon beside your Forecast name. This will automatically generate the Insights of your main scenario, located at the top of your Forecast.

If you are looking to get the Insights for a different scenario, simply click on the Go to Scenario button at the bottom of the menu and select the appropriate scenario.

From your Forecasts dashboard

Simply click on the collapsed menu icon beside the name of the Forecast and you will see your Insights option.

Insights Panel Sections

Current Balance

Dryrun imports the Current Balance (QBO balance) for your reference. The Current Balance is the total balance presently reported in your bank account, less any negative accounts balances and credit cards.

Recurring Expenses

Cash outflows that have been added to the Recurring section of your scenario appear here. Dryrun calculates Recurring Expenses on the Insights Panel by taking the average of all your recurring expenses for the past 12 months*

*Note: Months with a $0 balance in the Recurring section? No problem! Manually input an estimated monthly figure in order to calculate an adjusted 12-month total to be averaged.


Meet the business owner’s most important metric! Runway is the expected number of days that the business can continue to operate before cash runs out.

Runway is calculated as follows:

Current Balance + Open Invoices – Recurring Expenses – Open Bills + Daily rate of ‘burn’ converted to # of days.

Open Invoices

Got outstanding receivables? Here’s the place where you can see the total generated from items that are left as open or flagged as overdue.

Overdue Invoices

A breakdown of aging invoices that are flagged as overdue in Dryrun. Overdue Invoices are a great first step to visualizing aging receivables to improve your cash flow.

Open Bills

Bill items – also called payables – that you owe to others. Use Dryrun to arrange how and when to pay your bills to your business’ best advantage. Remember, done consistently over time, managing your business’ inflow and outflows will improve your cash flow.

Overdue Bills

The section labeled as Overdue Bills is a snapshot of which payable items are overdue. Use Dryrun to move those items according to when you plan on paying.

Generate an Insights Panel for each one of your scenarios and share as needed!

Have any questions? Reach out and speak with us via chat or email us at hello@dryrun.com

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