Our new and improved Action List allows you to filter and share your Forecast’s data based on your and your client’s specific needs.

Where can I find my Action List?

From the Forecasts Dashboard

Simply click on the collapsed menu item beside the title of the Forecast that you wish to generate an Action List for. The Action List button will automatically generate your report based on the data of your main scenario.

If you wish to change the data to a different scenario’s, click on the collapsed menu within the Action List screen, go to Go to Scenario, and pick the appropriate scenario from the list.

Here’s a quick video if you need a quick visual:

From within the Forecast

You can also generate your Action List by clicking on the collapsed menu icons beside your Forecast’s name or a specific scenario’s name. The same steps as mentioned above apply.

What can I do with my Action List?

There are plenty of features available at the convenience of a single click, so let’s go through them:

Filter your information

You can filter your data on the main screen based on these parameters:

  • Name

  • Type (Expenses vs Invoices vs Bills)

  • Category (Company name)

  • Due Date

  • Expected Date

  • Total

  • Status (Open vs Overdue)

You can also filter the data you see on your screen by clicking on the green Open button, the red Overdue button, or the black Paid button at the top of the table.

Furthermore, you can filter even more by selecting a specific date range and specific type for the data that is displayed. Simply click on the collapsed menu icon beside the Filter button at the top right of the screen and select the date range you wish to see, and whether you want to filter by Cash In or Cash Out only.

Here’s a quick video that shows this feature:

Change the Expected Date

You don’t have to go back to your Forecast view and edit your data from your scenario; you can easily edit single data points or multiple ones right from your Action List!

  • Change the due date of a single item by clicking on the blank space that corresponds to the Expected Date field within each line. A small grayed-out calendar icon will appear, and you will be able to select a date from there.

  • Change the due date of multiple items by clicking on the check box of each item and then clicking on Move at the top of the table. This will prompt a calendar to appear and will be able to select a date from there.

Here’s a video to show both options:

Create Action Items

Do you see some items that require immediate action? You can star those items by clicking on the star icon on the left-hand side of every line of your table. If you then click on the Action Items button on top of the table, you will see all the star-filtered items on one screen.

Access your Client’s Contact Information and Send a Quick Reminder Right from your Accounting Software

Another super handy feature that you can access right from your Action List is being able to email and/or call your client by clicking on the greyed-out person icon beside the company name.

You can also send a reminder right from your accounting software to ensure your client is aware that an invoice is open or overdue!

Add Comments

On top of all the features we have discussed, you are also able to leave comments right on this card that will be available for anyone you share the Forecast with. Not only does this encourage engagement and collaboration, but it will also provide extra value to your client by encouraging advisory conversations.

Please note that you are able to leave comments in any tab of the Action List card.

Export your Action List

Now that you know all the things you can do in your Action List, an extra feature is the ability to export all of this information as an Excel spreadsheet. Simply click on the Export button at the top left-hand side of the table.

Share your Action List

Lastly, just like you are able to share your Insights card, you are also able to share your Action List with clients and colleagues.

Click on the collapsed menu icon beside the scenario name at the top and select Share. You will then see a secure Action List Link that you can share with users and team members.

If you are looking for more information on how to Share your Forecasts and Scenarios, click on this link: https://intercom.help/dryrun/en/articles/5743053-share-your-forecast-and-scenarios

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