There are two places where you can adjust your Forecast Settings:

From your dashboard

Your Settings tab from your main profile will allow you to:

  • Look at currency and the way you want it displayed in your Forecast

  • Change the weekly view

  • Change the time zone

  • Change your Security Settings and Manage your Integrations if needed

Note: For currency, exchange rates are based on data from and are updated every 30 minutes. Also, if you would like to view just the numbers rather than the currency, choose None at the top of the currency list.

From within your Forecast

Click on the collapsed menu icon beside your Forecast’s name to see the Settings button. You will then be able to rename your Forecast and add notes.

From this view you will also have the option to toggle on and off the following settings:

  • Auto Collapse Sections: this will give you a condensed view of your scenarios

  • Show Flags: Due Date Tracking gives an extra level of visibility to Dryrun and easily shows you what items are due in the future, or overdue. You can select whether you want the green circle icon that shows an invoice or bill in good standing, the yellow triangle that translates to “Open”, or the red triangle that translates to “Overdue” to be shown or hidden.

  • Bump Overdue: by ‘bumping’ every overdue item to the current point in time, Dryrun makes it easy to see and manage each outstanding bill or invoice to better help you manage your cash inflows and outflows.

    Please note: This feature is turned off by default, therefore, in order to keep overdue items in Payables and Receivables "bumped" to today's date so you never miss a due date, make sure you toggle it on! Also, The Bump Overdue Items feature can only be accessed if the Show Flags is also turned on.

  • Currency Conversion: If it’s not required for your business, toggle currency conversion to ‘off’ or edit the format as needed.

Don’t forget to click Save whenever you make any changes!

Furthermore, you can also Delete this Forecast and Clear Data from this Settings screen. Keep in mind that this will result in all data being erased permanently and you will have to start fresh! Don’t worry, we will check with you first to make sure this is what you want.

Note: You can also delete a Forecast right from your Forecasts dashboard. Click on the Details button on the right-hand side of your displayed list to find the Delete this Forecast button. Remember – this cannot be undone!

Here’s a quick video to show you where to go if you need a better visual:

If you have any further questions about your Forecast’s Settings, do not hesitate to reach out to us via chat or email at

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