Duplicate a Scenario

Dryrun is unique in its approach to modeling unlimited scenarios and comparing them to make informed decisions. Perhaps you want to understand how your office location impacts your lease payments in your recurring budget, or decide when to hire new staff, or even compare profit and loss over the course of time.

To duplicate a Scenario, click on the collapsed menu icon beside your Scenario’s name and select Duplicate from the menu that pops up. This will create a Copy directly below the Scenario you wish to replicate.

Make sure you rename your Scenario to something appropriate and proceed with the changes you want to model out in the new Scenario.

Pro Tip: When duplicating Scenarios, try changing just one single aspect of each Scenario. If you change too many factors, it can skew your results!

Here’s a handy video to show you how to do this:

Duplicate a Forecast

Duplicating Forecasts can be a handy way to build and distribute 'templates' for different businesses. You can save a Forecast in a particular state then try some other options, or a multitude of other reasons.

You can duplicate a Forecast from two different places:

From within your Forecast

You can duplicate a Forecast by simply clicking on the collapsed menu icon beside your Forecast’s name and selecting Duplicate. You will then be immediately re-directed to the Copy version of your Forecast.

Go to your Forecasts Dashboard to find the original Forecast and the Copy version as well. Don’t forget to rename your new Forecast so as to not get confused!

From the Forecast Dashboard

To duplicate a Forecast from your dashboard, click on the collapsed menu icon beside the name of the Forecast you wish to duplicate. Click Duplicate and Dryrun will work its magic and create a Copy of the Forecast.

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