Dryrun’s Advanced and Pro plans, as well as our Partner features, allow users to consolidate scenarios to run complex or multi-entity forecasts. Learn how easy it is to consolidate 2 or more existing Scenarios into one scenario for a fresh look at your forecast:

By clicking on the collapsed menu icon beside your Forecast’s title, you will see the option to Consolidate.

A new menu screen will pop up where you will be able to select which Scenarios you wish to combine. You will also have the option to select a date range for your consolidated data from this screen.

Consolidations are purposefully kept within a tight window of time and at monthly granularity to render quickly. You may lengthen the window of time in the consolidation pane but be aware that there may be a lag as Dryrun compiles two data sets.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Growth Model, Day Start Adjustments, and Stage Probability in Pipedrive are not supported in the consolidated scenario.

  • Make sure you enable Currency Conversion in order to consolidate scenarios to a single currency.

Here’s a useful visual:

After the consolidations are complete, you can then view the new Scenario at the bottom of your Scenario list. Color features assist users in knowing which scenarios have been consolidated.

Change your data as appropriate and you are set!

Note: Consolidated reports are viewable in Monthly view and all the data MUST be reconsolidated when new information has been added or after every time you refresh your imported data from your accounting software. Make sure you click on the Reconsolidate button to do this.

If you need any additional information on how to consolidate your data sets, email us at hello@dryrun.com or chat with us!

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