Share graphs and spreadsheets with those who need to see them so you can communicate risks, opportunities, and strategies. Use Dryrun's exporter to customize your downloaded graphs to image files, and chart data to spreadsheet format to collaborate with your team, stakeholders, and advisors.

Exporting Graphs

In your Forecast, click the collapsed menu icon beside your Forecast’s name and then click Export.

A new screen will pop up with the graph showing how it will appear when exported. From here, you can select the date range to be displayed as well as which Scenarios you would like to include in the export by selecting the colored lines beside the Scenario names.

Click Export Graph and the current view will be saved as a JPEG file.

Here’s a quick visual to help with this:

Exporting Chart Data to Excel

In the same way that you are able to export graphs, you can export Excel spreadsheets. Select your parameters just as you did for the graphs and click on Export Spreadsheet.

Please note that each Scenario you export appears in its own tab in Excel. Also, depending on your version of Excel, Dryrun exports to Excel may display as text data rather than numeric data. There's an easy fix for this:

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