Another way that Dryrun helps you manage your forecast is by allowing items to be split into individual payments, as recorded on the payment date.

By clicking Add Item anywhere inside Dryrun, you will see that you are able to Add Payment and a new section will appear where you can add the details of your payments.

You can accept as many partial payments as required. Dryrun will continue to split up the payments and display the remainder owed until the final payment is recorded. Then you will be able to see all the payments on the date they were accepted and the amount of each.

When adding new Payments, you can update the following fields for each one of your items entered:

  • Name

  • Amount

  • Percentage

  • And whether you want the item to be a Placeholder

A few important things to note:

  • Make sure you name each Payment something descriptive and distinguishable so that it can be easy to recognize within your Scenario.

  • If you are using Dryrun manually, we recommend editing the original item to the partial payment amount and date then creating a new item that contains the balance owed on the date you expect the next payment to be made.

  • Each payment becomes a separate item when created, however, they are directly tied to the ‘parent’ item that was created. If payment is edited that is not the original item created, it will also edit all the other dependencies that were created.

Here’s a quick video to show how Payments are displayed in Dryrun once entered, and what happens if one of the payments is edited:

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