We offer you 3 types of calls:  Voice, Video and XXX Video.
Our girls can choose by themselves which type of calls they are ready to do. One can have only Voice, another can do Voice and Video and some girls will use the all 3 options.

The differences between the 3 call buttons are :

Connect with voice only. Enjoy hot Voice Sex Chat.

A video chat -  but the girl will not get naked!
If you are good enough and you build some trust... then you might be able to get her to be a bit more "spicy".
If you call a girl that also does XXX Video, then it's the best way for you to see her first on video and decide if you want to take her to the next level: XXX Video.

Here you get to see the "REAL THING", full XXX Video Chat.
The girl will get totally naked and will show you everything according to your requests and imagination. Pussy, boobs ass masturbation and more. Our XXX girls are really good and they will make you very pleased.

Whichever call option you choose, remember to respect and to be polite.
Our girls have all the freedom to stop calls and to report bad behavior.

DSC Team.    

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