The out-of-stock protections explained
When does DSM Tool set your products out of stock and why
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There are a few types of out-of-stock protections in DSM Tool. This article explains the different types of protections and their related settings

Out of Stock protection

One of the most important elements of DSM Price Monitor is the stock protection. When the item goes out of stock at your supplier our Price Monitor acts in one of two strategies:

1. The listing’s quantity on eBay is set to 0 (Only applicable to GTC items – click here to read more about the GTC format)

2. The listing’s price multiply by 2.5 (Applicable to non-GTC listings and soon also to GTC listings!)

How does it look like?

A black lock in the price monitor screen in the destination quantity would mean the item is under protection

What can I do when the item is OOS?

1. Best option – WAIT. It usually comes back to stock, you can also set an alert to get an email notification if it stays OOS more than the number of days you define. You can find it in the Account Settings under the Monitor tab

2. You can look for the item at the same marketplace and change it’s source ID in the listing’s edit screen (for example: look for an item again on, if you find it from another supplier change the current ASIN to a new one)

3. If you find the same item from another supplier/marketplace supported by DSM you can use the delete options (red trash can next to the blue pencil edit button). Click on Remove from the monitor (Keep on eBay) and then use the Add Existing Listings feature. Click here to learn more about the Add Existing Listings feature.

4. Sometimes, mostly when working with Amazon an item could appear to be In Stock on Amazon while OOS in DSM, this is due to a mistake in Amazon’s database. Click here to read more about the phenomena

Out of Prime/Shipping Pass protection

When practicing drop shipping methods, some of you might choose to list only items from the Amazon Prime program or Walmart Shipping Pass program.

What does Our of Prime/Shipping Pass protection do?

It simply sets ALL items which are not Prime/Shipping Pass to protection mode. You can identify an item that is under Prime/Shipping Pass protection by the orange lock next to the destinations quantity in the Price Monitor page

Where do I turn the Prime/Shipping Pass protection on/off?

In the Account Settings page under the Monitor tab, you could turn the protection on and off. Green checkbox means ON while black checkbox means OFF.

What if I want to sell Amazon Add-On or Amazon Pre-Order items while using Amazon Prime protection?

You can find on the Account Settings page under the Monitor tab the Amazon Advanced Settings. Treating Pre-Order and Add-On as in stock are optional there.

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