Thank you for choosing DSM Tool, we are happy to help you import your listings from your current repricing/monitoring tool

How to import your listings from another repricer/monitor to DSM Tool??

Enter the Price Monitor page

Under the listings table click on the blue button: “Add Existing Listings

Click on the link “Import all your listings from another monitor

Pick your repricing/monitoring platform and follow the instructions written on the import page 🙂

After clicking import, you can follow the queue loading the items into the price monitor. A blue number will indicate the amount of items added to the queue.

If some of the items will fail the import process, a red counter will appear counting the number of errors

Click on the queue button and filter the table by "Has errors", you can see the error in the error list, if you are experiencing errors that you are not sure how to fix, contact us via the chat support for further help.

Once done, you can clear items that were successfully imported and errors from the queue by clicking on the clearing buttons:


Having trouble importing your listings? Let us help you!

If you are importing less than 30 listings, we suggest you use the manual import feature – click here to learn how to import existing listings manually

If you are having trouble importing more than 30 listings please contact us via the chat support and we will be happy to help!


Recommended steps once the import process is complete:

  1. Some of the errors are caused by false information returned by the source website, in many cases when importing thousands of items it is recommended to run the list twice to get better results. Remember: when running the import process for the second time many errors will appear saying "You already have this item" making the error list hard to follow, before running the list for the second time check the errors list first to see if there are any other issues you might be able to solve
  2. Another common error is that the item violates eBay VeRO policy. DSM has a strict VeRO list including brands reported by the DSM community on top of the brands in the official eBay VeRO list ( , we recommend to follow this list and end items from brands in the list. If you still wish to import those items, you can turn the VeRO brands reported by the DSM community filter off in the Lister settings (Account Settings->Lister)
  3. When the import process is done click on the "Find Unmonitored Listings" button in the Price Monitor page to make sure there aren't any listings that were not imported correctly
  4. Once all your items are imported, go to the price monitor page and click on the columns titles (e.g, profit and price) to sort the table from low to high and form high to low. Make sure everything "make sense" and was imported correctly and if needed tune those items using the bulk revise tool

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