Drop shipping flourishes in an environment where everyone is confident of getting a fair deal. We believe this is worth protecting. To ensure a safer community, the payments new sellers receive may not be available for immediate withdrawal. It’ll be shown as pending balance, and if everything goes well, the money will be released within 21 days.

Once you’ve established a good selling history with us, you should be able to withdraw money with ease.

Common reasons why your funds may not be available for withdrawal in PayPal.

1. You’re a new seller.

It takes time for new sellers to build up enough history and establish trust with buyers. The good news is that, while doing so, you can still access your funds within 7-14 days, simply by processing the order quickly, mark it as “shipped” or “processed” in your transaction details page and submit the tracking details.

2. A payment or account issue arises.

If you’re involved in a customer dispute or chargeback where the buyer has requested for a reversal with their bank, the funds in question may be temporarily unavailable until the issue has been resolved.

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