You might have some listings that are not yet monitored by DSM Tool. If this is the case, the Find Unmonitored Listings is the right option to use.

Once your eBay account is connected to DSM Tool, it automatically detects those items that are not monitored so you have the option to add it and get those items tracked.

To do this, you have to go to Price Monitor page.

At the bottom part of the page under Global Operations section, select Find Unmonitored Listings.

Another window will appear and this where you will see those listings in your eBay account that are monitored by DSM Tool.

The table will contain:

  • Title -  the title of the listing on eBay and the image
  • ID – the eBay item ID
  • Link to source – A text area for the source link, you can fill up the links and click Add Items button at the bottom.

Generate Source Links – this button might be useful if you are using Amazon as a source, it will try to automatically generate the source link for you making the process more easy. It can only work if the SKU parameter exists and unfortunately does not work all the time, but worth the shot!

Now you can select the source website before putting the source link.
Just click on the box and it will show a drop down menu to select the specific source name.

You can open the source website by clicking on this button. And it will open the product page on the source website.

If you wanted to clear the source link you put, you can click on the "X" button.

or you can also clear all source links all at once.

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