Revising All Filtered Items

This feature has the capability of editing/revising ALL of your existing listings monitored in your DSM account depending on the kind of listing that you want to edit/revise using the filtering process on the Price Monitor.

First, you need to go to Price Monitor page.

Next, using the filters, select the items that you want edit/revise.

Then once the result came up after the filter process, click “Revise All Filtered Items” at the bottom of page.

Finally, a window will pop-up that shows the information about the listings that you can edit.

Change Quantity – This option will change the number of items available in the listings that you have selected.

Change BE – “BE” stands for Break Even. Editing the value in this field will change how much is needed to raise the final price in order to cover all the fees.

Change Profit To – It allows you to change the amount or percentage of the profit to a desired value

Change Profit By – It allows you to automatically add or reduce the amount or percentage of the profit by the value you set. For example, if you wish to set your profit by $2, it will add $2 to your existing profit.

Changing templates for multiple items is also possible in this feature, just select the template that you want then click “Replace

Once done with the revisions, you have to click the “Update” button for the changes to take effect.

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