How can an item be IN STOCK on the source website but OUT OF STOCK on DSM Tool?

Repricing Errors

There are multiple repricing errors that can cause an item to be set as out of stock. In order to set the item back to stock, it is recommended to check the common issues section in the DSM Help Center and fix the issue. Once fixed, the items will go back to stock in the next cycle of scan.

Repricing Errors sign will show up at the top menu in DSM Tool, click on it to see a table of the items and their errors

If you find a new error that does not appear in the common issues section in DSM Help Center please report it to our support team so it could be added there as well.

Missing data in the source website servers

The most common reason is an error caused by the source website which does not allow DSM Price Monitor to scan the item’s price. 

The phenomena is mostly common on Amazon products, and it is caused due to a missing information in Amazon servers. When DSM Price Monitor checks the items price on Amazon server during the repricing process, it sometimes get a messed-up response generated by Amazon servers. In such cases, the item is immediately set to "Out of Stock" protection in order to protect your store from having items that are not updated.

The error "Amazon API Error: Amazon servers do not return the required information about this item, please try again later"  for such items.

In order to protect your store DSM Price Monitor sets a listing to protection mode immediately when a price cannot be read from the source website. The items goes back to stock as soon as the information is available again in the source website servers.

Scan intervals

Another common reason for items to be in stock on the source website and out of stock on DSM Tool is the time passed from the last Price Monitor scan, which occurs between every 1-8 hours depending on the source website you are working with

In such cases, it is possible that the item was still out of stock on the source website during it's last scan and it will be set back to stock during the next scan cycle. In general it is recommended to wait an hour before reporting a wrong out of stock item.

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