How to manually add existing listings to DSM Price Monitor?

Adding listings manually to DSM Price Monitor can be used in one of the following situations:

  1. If you are moving to DSM Tool from another repricing tool/price monitor you may prefer to move your listings one by one manually, it’s recommended if we have only 30 listings, since then it will only take approximately 5-15 minutes.
  2. Once you import all your listings to the DSM from another monitor, and at least some of the items didn’t transfer successfully. Therefore, we/repricer and some of the listings fail to import you can manually upload the missing listings.

How to add listings manually?

  1. In the Price Monitor page,  click the “Add Existing Listings” button below.

2. In the pop up window, enter the required information and hit the “Add item” green button.

  • Listing ID = The ID of the listing on eBay. You can also find it in the item’s Url. For example if the item’s link is the item ID number will be 391497482242.
  • Website = the website in which the item is found (e.g for eBay US choose
  • Source URL = The link of the item in the source site (Such as in Walmart, Amazon etc)

Check the shortcut! The “Find Unmonitored Listings” green button in the Price Monitor page will show you the items on eBay that aren’t monitored via DSM with an ADD button next to them. click on it and fill  in the Source URL (= The link of the item in the source site) and click the ADD button.

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