Drop Shipping when done right is a great opportunity for anyone to earn extra income. Nonetheless there are circumstances in drop shipping that’s beyond our control. Among these circumstances are items being tagged “Out of Stock” in your DSM account. You can read more about “out of stock” reasons from DSM’s help center : “How can item be in stock on the source website but out of stock on DSM?

The DSM team continues to make the platform better by knowing our customer needs. We have created a feature in DSM to allow you to sell items that are tagged “out of stock” despite problems from the source. We call this feature “Turn Scan Off For 1 item”. This feature had been developed to address “out of stock” issues and to better our customer experience.

How does the Turn Scan Off For 1 Item work?

If you have an item you want to set ‘in stock’ in eBay but it is tagged “Out Of Stock” in DSM, you can turn off the scan for the specific item. This turns off the repricing and updating of stock only for that specific item. And thus it will not affect the other items in your monitor. You will still get sales reports for that item via DSM when there is a sale made in ebay. This will appear in the statistics page.

With this feature turned off, you can manually reprice and adjust the quantity. However, any item with this feature turned off will not automatically reprice even if there were changes in the source.

To do this:

1. Go to Price Monitor page.

2. Select the item that is tagged Out Of Stock and click the blue pencil button on the right.

3. Another window will appear to edit the item. To turn the scan off, just click the green box beside “Item scan is active”.

4. There is no need to click on Update button below, it will automatically switch to inactive and your item will be In Stock again.

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