Amazon is one of the most popular suppliers for drop shipping arbitrage practitioners. Below you will find information about the DSM Tool Prime Monitor repricing process including the Amazon Suppliers Table, Prime Protection, Add-On protection, dealing with Back Ordered items and more.

The Amazon Suppliers Table

For each item in Amazon there are multiple suppliers, the Amazon sellers are all competing to appear in what is known as the "Buy Box". DSM Tool is using the suppliers table for it's repricing work when you are using Amazon as source for your products

In the example above, clicking on the "15 new" link will lead you to a full page view of the suppliers table:

DSM Tool Price Monitor for Amazon as a source

DSM Tool Price Monitor reads the information from this table and uses it for the repricing process, it will choose the most relevant price according to your monitor settings

DSM Price Monitor settings for Amazon as a source

Prime protection

If you prefer to sell only products that are under the Amazon Prime program, you can turn on the "Prime Protection" via your settings

Note: Add-On and Pre-Order items are detected as Prime products during the repricing process due to a lack of information in Amazon servers response, therefore they have a separated scan, read more about it below

Minimum feedback for a seller

You can set a minimum seller feedback, sellers with a price below the minimum feedback you set will not be counted in the repricing process, such items might appear out of stock for no reason, in fact, setting a higher required feedback rate keeps your account more safe as you avoid the potential of a fraud done by new Amazon sellers with no feedbacks.

Enable Add-On items

Add-on items are items marked by Amazon with an add-on sign

The information about add-on items is not available via Amazon suppliers table servers therefore DSM Tool Price Monitor is running a seperate scanner to detect add-on items. The scanner scans items every 24 hours and when it detects that the item is sold as an add-on it sets it out of stock unless you enable it via the price monitor settings

Note: When an Amazon item is detected as an add-on it will be set out of stock even if in the suppliers table there are other items which are not marked as add-on. To further protect you, add-on items will have to become back to normal items (not add-on) for 24 hours before DSM Price Monitor will set them back to stock

Common issues Q&A

Q: Why are some of my items are out of stock in my store while they are in stock on Amazon?

A: The phenomena is caused due to a wrong information in Amazon servers. When DSM Price Monitor checks the items price on Amazon server, it sometimes get a messed-up response generated by Amazon servers. In those cases, the item is immediately set to "Out of Stock" protection in order to protect your store from having items that are not updated.

The error "Amazon API Error: Amazon servers do not return the required information about this item, please try again later"  for such items.

Q: I sold a "back order" item (item is available for purchase today, but it's fulfillment date is in the future). How can I prevent from such item to get sold?

Unfortunately, just like add-on, back-order items cannot be detected via the Amazon as a source repricing process. If you sold a "back ordered" item, make sure you remove it from your store in order not to sell it again. We are able to detect "back ordered" items when you are trying to import them via the DSM Rapid Lister, which reduces the chance of selling these items dramatically.

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