This article will help you understand how to work with Amazon for product sourcing when using DSM Tool.

After reading this article you will know:

  1. What are the recommended basic settings to start working with Amazon

  2. What is the Amazon suppliers table and how does the repricing process work

  3. The order processing from Amazon using the DSM Chrome extension

  4. The most asked questions & answers about working with Amazon as a supplier

- Setting Up Amazon As a Supplier -

There are couple of initial settings you should set up before you start working with Amazon as a supplier for your store

Break Even Settings

The break even is the percentage of your sale you pay in fees. It includes eBay fees (on average 9%), Paypal fees (on average 4%) and if you are not tax exempt it is also traditional to add another 5%.

Therefore, most Amazon sellers set up a break even percentage between 19%-21%

Business Policies settings

If you don't know what business policies are, learn about it here

The recommended shipping policy for Amazon is either expedited shipping if you are using a Prime account to process orders or 3-7 days when not using a Prime account, both with handling time of 3 days.

The recommended return policy for Amazon products is 30 days paid by seller, when you process a return through Amazon you get a printable return label that you can then send your customer

The recommended payment policy Paypal with immediate payment only.

Template settings

The same policies you set up on eBay and update in DSM can also appear automatically in your product description, you can learn how to do it here

- The Amazon Repricing Process and Settings -

The Amazon Suppliers Table

For each item that is sold on Amazon there could be multiple suppliers, the Amazon sellers are all competing to appear in what is called the "Buy Box".

DSM Tool is using the suppliers table information and your DSM monitor settings when deciding what price to set to your products both when you first list them and when the price and stock is being synced

In the example above, clicking on the the words "15 new" lead to the suppliers table page:

The Monitor Setting for Amazon in DSM Tool

The monitor settings can be adjusted in the DSM Tool account settings under the monitor tab

Prime protection

Turning on the "Prime Protection" will set out of stock every product that has no Prime eligible suppliers in its suppliers table.

Note: Add-On and Pre-Order items are detected as Prime products during the repricing process due to a lack of information in Amazon the servers response, therefore cannot be detected by the DSM Tool Prime protection.

Minimum feedback for a seller

Every seller in the suppliers table on Amazon has a feedback rate, you can set a minimum feedback rate and sellers under the minimum feedback will be ignored in the repricing process.

Minimum Product Quantity 

This setting will set out of stock every product on Amazon that its supplier has in stock less quantity than the number you set up

Enable add-on items

Most dropshippers do not enable selling add-on items on their store. There are products usually under $10 which you have to add on top of your existing orders. When disabled, add on items are set to out of stock in the repricing process.

Maximum days of Estimated Delivery

Some products on Amazon may take longer to ship, you can set the maximum shipping days you allow for products on Amazon, products under the shipping time you set will be set out of stock

- Processing Orders Using DSM Chrome Extension -

The DSM Tool Chrome extension makes it easier for you to process orders, you can install it from Google Chrome web store

List in DSM and the items collector

Under every product in the Amazon search results and in every product page on Amazon a blue button with the text List in DSM can be used to add products to your store using the Rapid Lister. 

The + button adds the product to a list on the top right part of the screen which you can then add to your store using the bulk lister.

Auto-Paste buyer details

After making a sale the product appears you just sold show up in the Sales & Orders page. On the most right column of the table new action buttons appear then the order is not yet processed

The Order button in the shape of a paper airplane open up Amazon's website with the buyer's details already copied to the clipboard. Then you can continue adding the product to the cart and at the point of time where you have to enter the buyer's address a paste button will appear. Click on it and the buyer details will be added automatically to the order, you can then continue processing the order as usual.

The compare button will open up the Chrome Extension Product Search feature, you can use it when products that you sold went out of stock because you did not process the order on time or in order to look for a cheaper supplier to process the order which will increase your profitability

- Questions & Answers -

Q: Why are some of my items are out of stock in my store while they are in stock on Amazon?

A: The phenomena is caused due to a wrong information in Amazon servers. When DSM Price Monitor checks the items price on Amazon server, it sometimes get a messed-up response generated by Amazon servers. In those cases, the item is immediately set to "Out of Stock" protection in order to protect your store from having items that are not updated.

The error "Amazon API Error: Amazon servers do not return the required information about this item, please try again later"  for such items.

Q: I sold a "back order" item (item is available for purchase today, but it's fulfillment date is in the future). How can I prevent from such item to get sold?

Unfortunately, just like add-on, back-order items cannot be detected via the Amazon as a source repricing process. If you sold a "back ordered" item, make sure you remove it from your store in order not to sell it again. We are able to detect "back ordered" items when you are trying to import them via the DSM Rapid Lister, which reduces the chance of selling these items dramatically.

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