DSM Bulk Lister: Auto Publish and Bulk Schedule


We are introducing 2 features in DSM Bulk Lister: the “Auto Publish” and “Bulk Schedule” options that will take your bulk listing process to a whole new level.

Auto Publish

Is a tool for people who don’t want to wait to press the “Continue” button while loading numerous items.  For example: when you load 1000 items and you don’t want to wait for a long time to improve all the details of the items that you put on the list as well as the other optimization processes, you can click the “Auto Publish” button while the system is loading the list. Once clicked, the list will be automatically published in “Price Monitor” page.

To do the process:

First, gather the source ID’s you want to publish from our supported sources to your account.

Second, go to “Rapid Lister” and select the “Bulk Lister” tab. Select the source (i.e. Amazon, Walmart, etc.) from where you got the item and select your target.

Third, paste the source ID’s separated by commas.

Fourth, set your listing settings including business policies, item location,  etc.  However, you may omit this part if they are already set in your Account Settings.

Fifth, click the “Import Items”.

Sixth, once the items are loading; click “Auto-Publish” to automatically publish your items to the Price Monitor without having to wait.

Bulk Schedule

Bulk Schedule option is a new feature in Bulk Lister. This option will assist you in scheduling your items on the bulk list to a desired date and time of publish.

The process is  similar with “Auto-Publish” option. If you want to optimize the details in your list of items, just click on “Continue”

After clicking  “Continue”, you will be redirected to another page where you can change the details of the items.

After you have changed the details, you will see 2 buttons at the bottom part of the screen: “Publish Now” and “Schedule”. If you want to publish the list right away, just click on “Publish Now”. If you want to schedule to another time or date, click on the  “Schedule” button.

After clicking the “Schedule” button, a new window will pop-up.

There are 2 options in scheduling to list your items in bulk:

1. “Publish Items At” – this option will let you choose the specific date and time you want to publish the items.

2. “Continuous Publishing” – is a cool feature that lets you list a particular number of items in a specific number of hours.  For example:  If you have a list of 100 items and you want to publish 10 items every 2 hours, you can  specify that  using this option as illustrated below.

If you have any questions about this feature,  please do not hesitate to contacts us in the Chat Support window in your DSM account.

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