50% of your customers traffic is generated from MOBILE devices.

You must be investing a lot in your templates, and you should.
But did you know? when your customers reach you via mobile they do not see immediately the template you created! Instead they probably see a 250 characters description automatically generated by eBay with a “Item Description” button next to it – leading to the content you created.

“The new View Item description for mobile features a clean and consistent item description summary. eBay derives a brief, 250-character, text-only description summary from your full item description” (source)

photo source: http://tamebay.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/eBay-Mobile-Description-Summaries.jpg

With DSM Rapid Lister you can control the item description and increase it to 800 characters!

How? Follow these steps

1. Edit your template in DSM Templates Editor. Under it you could find the mobile preview description template.

In it you could add Place Holders (for example: [[TITLE]] click here to read more about place holders). DSM Rapid Lister then will inject the information from the source and place it in your mobile preview description, the injected content could be edited in the Rapid Lister prior publishing the listings.

3. Edit the mobile content when you publish your new list

When importing data from the source website prior publishing it to eBay, you could fine the mobile preview feature with the content injected into it

1. Edit your template in DSM Templates Editor. Under it you could find the mobile preview description template.

Tip: Replace one of your Place Holders with the [[MOBILE_CONTENT]] Place Holder, then locate the missing Place Holder in the Mobile Preview Template to avoid Place Holder’s duplication (If you put [[DESCRIPTION]] in both web view and mobile view templates the mobile view data will be injected to the web view when publishing the listing on eBay creating a description duplication)

In the web view, you will find a mobile content place holder. Do not remove it otherwise the whole mobile preview feature will not work

Tip: if you followed the previous tip with the features place holder, at this stage you could see the features of the product in the mobile preview and a mobile content place holder in the web view, the features will now appear to the buyers in the mobile preview and to the buyers in the web view as DSM Rapid Lister injects the information from the mobile preview to the mobile content place holder

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