What are item specifics?

Item specifics are the specific parameters you can set to your listings on eBay such as color, size and other specifics that are depended on the item’s category. The more item specifics you fill in to your listings – the more Cassini (eBay’s search engine) will promote your listings

How does DSM Auto-Specifics feature work?

DSM Tool  Aוutomatic specifications filling feature fills as many item specifics as possible when importing the information from the source website. We scan the item’s info from various sources and fill in the specifics for you, all you have left to do is to sit and watch your sales accelerates!

Does the Auto-Specifics feature work when publishing listings in bulk?

How to add new specifics and change current ones?

1. To use the Auto Specifics feature you must import an item to DSM Rapid Lister. The Auto Specifics would work both on the single-list lister and the bulk lister.

Simply enter the item’s URL (Link)  in the “Link” box and click import:

2. Locate the option to enter the item’s specifics. (Please note that there are different item specifics for each category, and that it changes from one listing to another.)

3. See how some of the specifics were filled automatically, and fill more specifics manually!

4. In order to add your own specifics click on “Add More Specifics”

Fill in the type of the specification in the first box, for example: style, other colors, year of manufacturing, taste etc. Then fill the specification value in the second box

You can also delete it using the X button next to if.

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.

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