To Change Your Business Policies

In order to change your business policies at DSM please follow this quick guide I made.

How to opt in to eBay’s business policies?

Use the following link

How to change your business policies in DSM ?

1. Go to Settings page.

2. Click on the Lister Tab.

3. Scroll down to Policies. If your current eBay business policies do not appear click Refresh button.

4. Choose the business policies you would like to implement in listings that are listed via DSM Rapid Lister (Payment, Shipping and Returns)

5. Make sure to hit the Update button below so that the changes will be applied.

You can now set your business policies for each supplier you work with.
Here's to learn how to set business policies per supplier.

I hope this information was helpful to you!

Please feel free to contact me for any other questions.

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