Business policies is a feature in eBay that third party softwares like DSM Tool uses to easily set the shipping, return, and payment policies you offer to your buyers on eBay to every new product you add to your store. You set them up on eBay, then you sync them to DSM Tool, this guide explains how to do it

After reading this article you will know:

  1. How to set up business policies on eBay?

  2. How to sync your business policies to DSM Tool

  3. How to set up business policies for the specific websites you source products from

  4. The template settings and why you must set it up correctly as well

- How to Set Up Business Policies on eBay -

This video is a bit older video that explains how to set business policies on eBay. It also gives you a glimpse of how DSM Tool looked like back in 2016:

If you are planning to work with multiple sourcing websites, we recommend the following structure for your business policies:

  1. Policy name - Give it the same name as the website you are sourcing from, for example, "AliExpress Shipping Policy" or "Amazon Returns Policy".

  2. Shipping service - When dropshipping from a specific website or marketplace, you might use more than one shipping carrier. To set the right shipping service first read the shipping policy of the website you are setting up. Then, choose the most general service according to the shipping time of the website. For example, if you use a local website such as for product sourcing and you source products from Walmart's 2-days shipping program, you can set up a service with 1-3 days shipping, such as the "Expedited shipping" option.
    Tip: To find the shipping policy of the website you are setting up, search it on Google with the keywords shipping policy. For example: "Etsy shipping policy"

  3. Set free shipping - The DSM Tool Rapid Lister calculates the shipping rates together with the product cost when you use it to add items to your store. We recommend setting all your policies to free shipping when using it
    Tip: Buyers LOVE free shipping, this can actually help you sell more!

  4. Set the right handling time - The handling time is the time that it takes you to update the tracking information on eBay after your supplier shipped the product and sent you the tracking info. The most common handling time most drop shipping sellers set is 3 days minimum.
    Tip: Once you make your first 5-10 sales measure the time it takes the suppliers on that website to send you the tracking number. You can also use the Chrome extension DSM Auto-Paste to automate the tracking updating process

  5. GSP and international shipping - If you are sourcing products from the US and you sell on, you can opt-in to the GSP program and let not only US buyers but also international buyers purchase your products. eBay will handle the packages for you. An even better option than GSP which is both cheaper and offers free international returns is HipShipper which is fully integrated with DSM Tool but is a bit more complex to setup

Tip: If you do wish to use HipShipper or GSP make sure to learn first how it works, these are advanced features.

To learn more and get templates of different policies, read this guide to eBay business policies.

- How to Change Your Default Business Policies in DSM Tool -

The default business policies are the most basic way to sync the eBay business policies to DSM Tool. When only set default policy (and not policy per website, as explained below) every item that you add to your store using the Rapid Lister will be added together with those business policies.

We recommend setting policies per website, as explained further in this article. Yet, for sellers who only work with one product sourcing website setting up the default policies is enough.

  1. Go to the Settings page.

2. Click on the Lister Tab.

3. Scroll down to Policies. and look for the business policies from your eBay store. If you just added new policies, they might not appear immediately. Click Refresh and they will be added to the dropdown.

5. Make sure to hit the Update button below so that the changes will be applied.

If you source your products from more than one website, you can set up different policies for each website and the Rapid Lister will automatically assign those policies to any new product you add to your store from those websites.

This way you can add products from AliExpress, Amazon or any other website and have different policies automatically applied to any new listing you add to your store

Locate the Business Policies for a Specific Source under the default business policies section.

Account settings -> Lister -> Policies

Click on the Add ( + ) button and fill up the fields

  • Source - the product sourcing website you want to attach the policies to

  • Policies - the different business policies from your eBay store

Once you have selected all the business policies, click on Create button to save it.

- Setting up the text policies in your product descriptions -

Generally speaking, on eBay, there are two places where usually sellers mention their policies:

  1. The business policies - These is where it is most important to mention your policies, you are being measured for your seller performance according to the parameters you set up in your business policies

  2. The product description - Unlike the complex mechanism behind the eBay website, the eBay buyers are somewhat used since so many years to read the policies of the seller in the product description, that it can increase your sales if you mention in the description your policies because buyers don't always know where to look for them - and you just helped them find it. For that, they are willing to buy from you and not your competitors.

To learn how to make sure your product description is up to date with your policies, read the article how to setup business policies at a text in the product description using the templates settings

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