Processing your orders takes time, a lot of time. That's why DSM Tool offers the auto order feature for the items you have sold.

The auto order feature is an add-on product which requires activation and setup to work. In this guide you will learn how to set it up and how it works.

How to setup the auto order

In the sales & orders page click on the button Automate your orders or just click here

Then, choose the credits package you would like to use to activate the Auto Order feature.

Once the Auto Order feature is activated, log in to set up your order bots

When the Auto Order console opens, create a bot for each website you are using as a dropshipping supplier using your account details and payment method details.

Here is a breakdown of the different fields:

Source: The name of the website you purchase from when you dropship a product

Bot name: Some people manage multiple accounts for the same website, you can set a name to differentiate between them. If this only use one account just call it by the name of the website, for example: Aliexpress

Account email & password: The password to access your buying account (for exaple: the email and address you use to login to Aliexpress).

Credit card details: If you are using gift cards, you can mark "use a gift card" and skip this field. If you are using a credit card, you can fill up it's details here.

Note: the user name, password and credit card information is stored on your a personal server that is dedicated to you alone, we do not store these details in our databases.

The ordering process and status

You can track the status of the orders of your sold items’ at the Sales & Profits page by watching the Cart button which will appear in one of the following forms:

Waiting to be ordered

Once the system detects a sale, it will wait 10 minutes before processing the order.

The 10 minutes delay gives a buffer for cancellations requests which are made within the 10 minutes from the purchase. cancellation request at the buffer time will stop the automatic ordering process.

Order in progress

In the console, the order status will change to In Progress while the system is processing the order.

Auto Order succeeded

Once the automatic ordering process is done, the cart icon will turn green.

Tracking information updating

24 hours after an item is ordered automatically, DSM Auto-Order system scans sourcing website and looks for tracking information, it then updates the order on eBay and turn the envelope icon to green in the Sales & Orders page

If the data isn’t found, the system will return every 4 hours to look for it for the next 7 days until found.

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