The option to add multiple eBay accounts and Shopify stores is open for users with Basic plan (600+ items) or any plan above. You can also manage your eBay account and Shopify store using this feature.

1. In order to manage multiple accounts, first you need to own multiple eBay accounts or multiple Shopify stores.

Tip: You can have 1 eBay account and 1 Shopify store.

2. For the additional eBay account, create an additional DSM account with a different email address than the one you registered your main DSM account with.

3. Link the second eBay account to the new DSM account you have just created. You should have now 2 eBay accounts linked to 2 separated DSM accounts.

Tip: If you already have active listings in the second eBay account, there is no need to import them to the new DSM account. It is better to import them after linking the two DSM accounts.

4. Return to the main DSM account, if needed, upgrade it to a Basic plan or any plan above. Then click the ” Settings ” from any page in the site.

5. Click the “Account” tab.

6. Click the “Link accounts” drop-down menu.

7. Enter the username and password of the second DSM account you have created in step 2. Make sure to complete the verification by clicking on "I'm not a robot" box then click Update.

8. Now, you will be able to see in the top menu a “Account Switcher” button. You can select the other DSM account that is linked to the second eBay account or Shopify store by clicking on it.

Note: Auto order credit purchased in the main account will be shared between all the Linked accounts.
Click here for more information about Auto orders)

9. DSM has now added a quicker way to add more accounts to manage. Click on the Account Switcher button, and click on "+Add Account" it will take you to the Account Tab in Settings.

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