Got an "Account Settings Protection" error? Read this guide

Here in DSM, it is our responsibility in every possible way keep your business safe while running smoothly. So we created protection settings for the suppliers that DSM supports. 

How does it look like?

Rapid Lister
When trying to list an item, you may encounter the Account Settings Protection error (with a direct link to this article)

Price Monitor
You can identify an item that is under "Account Settings Protection" by the orange lock next to the destinations quantity in the Price Monitor page. 

Orange lock would be activated when item goes into "Account Settings Protection"

Where to find the protection settings of your account?

Go to your account settings and click on the monitor tab

Then, click on the name the supplier you wish to edit the settings to view the relevant settings for it. You can check the full list of suppliers by clicking the +Add/edit button

Allow selling products that does not have free shipping

The main setting in regards to the suppliers supported by DSM Tool is allowing the system to add to your store products that has a shipping price. 

The reason for that setting is that DSM Tool is sometimes not able to fetch the shipping price of a specific supplier. In those cases, you can add a permanent estimated shipping amount

In this example, a $5.99 could be added to the price of every product from to cover the shipping costs. It will only be added to products under $39, no matter what shipping rate they offer.

Special suppliers settings

Amazon: Non-Prime Items

Amazon Prime items is eligible for free 2-Day shipping but once Amazon change it due to special shipping characteristics, DSM will automatically put it on protection mode.

Walmart: Third Party Items

If the item is not sold by Walmart, DSM will automatically place it under protection mode and even you tried to list items like this, DSM will not you to list it.

AliExpress: Different Shipping Company Protection

DSM also provides protection for AliExpress items and it works on which shipping company you will use, if the shipping company you use is ePacket for your listings and suddenly once of your listings change the shipping company from its source, the listing will be under protection.  

Kmart/Sears: 3rd Party Suppliers Protection

This protection for Kmart and Sears items is the same with Walmart that if the item sells by a 3rd Party Supplier and Kmart and Sears, the item will be put under protection mode. 

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