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Ongoing store optimization with Dashboard Alerts
Ongoing store optimization with Dashboard Alerts
The alerts are like tasks, set them up and optimize your store for eBay SEO by removing under-performing listings on a daily basis
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Here in DSM Tool, we always want you to be on top of every listings in your account. And to make it happen, we have created this part of your account. All alerts can be seen on the Dashboard page so you can easily keep track of your listings.

There are a lot of alerts that shows up in this pane. So we have divided them into 2 types: Dangerous and For Optimization.

Dangerous Alerts

  • Monitor is disabled

This alert informs us that the monitor is not updating your listings with any changes from the source and you will have to do it yourself manually. This can affect your listings especially with price and availability. The price can go up or down and your listing stays as is. The same as availability, the item might be out of stock but your listing stays in stock. It can cause serious problems with your account.

  • You have items with negative profit

This alert applies on items that have negative profit. After calculating the Break even %, you can either have a positive or negative profit. Having a negative profit is critical because what can happen is when the source price changes, there can be a huge drop on your target price if your profit is negative. To avoid the risk of it, you have to adjust your Desired profit.

  • eBay token is disconnected

This alert means that your eBay token was disconnected from your DSM account and because of this, you may not be able to upload any listings until you reconnect your ebay account to DSM by going to General Settings and follow the steps indicated then click Update.

  • You have X item(s) detected as VeRO brands

The VeRO alert scans every day eBay listings in the Price Monitor and detects VeRO listings. The VeRO alert count items according to the user settings:

  1. VeRO reported by other users will count only when enabled in the lister settings.

  2. eBay's official VeRO list will count even if the settings ignore brands reported by other users.
    (Click here to learn more How eBay VeRO works in DSM Tool)

For Optimization Alerts

  • Your last listing was on X day

This reminds you of the last time you uploaded listings and in order to keep your account healthy, it is necessary to always have new items to sell.

  • You have X items out of stock for more than X days

You don’t want to keep listings that are out of stock in your account, those have no value to your store. So this alert keeps track of your listings and make sure these out of stock items has been brought to your attention. You can either find another seller of it or remove it from your account.

  • Last sold over X days

It’s hard to identify the items that always sells while some items were last sold over 30 days ago. This alert will show you the number of items that were last sold over X days ago. You should check what could possibly be the reason why it was sold before and not now, there could be something you can do to make it get sold again.

  • You have X listings with low views

It is always important that our listings are easy to be seen by customers. That way, we will know if the listing has high potential of selling. If this alert shows up on your dashboard page, it is better to check and improve the titles, change main image or make your listing more searchable.

  • You have X listings with no sales

This is somehow the same as items with low views. But this time, the listing might have high views but wasn’t able to sell. In this case, you might have to check your listings’ titles, images, item specifics, competitors and even price. There is something that caught your buyer’s attention but there might be something that stops them from buying.

  • X items waiting for purchase

When you received an order, this alert will show up on the dashboard to notify you that you have an order waiting to be purchased. Simply click on the message itself and it will take you to the Sales and Orders page for you to proceed with the order.

  • X items waiting for shipping

After you’re done with processing the order, it will now show this alert to let you know which items are waiting for the tracking update before it will be sent to your customer.  When you click on this message, it will also take you to the Sales and Orders page with all the items of the same state.

You can manage the alerts shown in your account’s dashboard by going to Settings and then Dashboard tab. Set your preferred option on when the alerts will appear on your dashboard. Once you are done with the changes, click the Update button.

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