eBay's Views Counter Issues
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eBay's views count not being updated

DSM views count for eBay account is being updated in chunks of 1000 items every 12 hours. Since it is a slower scan than the the actual eBay views counter it is always recommended to check eBay for the accurate and up to date count. Therefore some of the issues that you might encounter are detailed below:

Views are not updated for large accounts

As explained above, views are updated in chinks of 1000 items per scan, and each scan run every 12 hours, therefore the bigger the account is, the longer it takes.

Views are not updated at all even 2-3 days after teh item was published

This phenomena can be caused by either issue with your eBay token connection (see: how to disconnect and re-connect eBay to DSM) or due to a technical issue in eBay that might sometimes return false data for your items.

 if you already disconnected and re-connected eBay to DSM, please give it 24 hours to refresh the data, if your items are still not updated with the views count, please wait a few more days and let eBay fix the issue on their side.

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