When selling on eBay from multiple suppliers using multiple sourcing websites the policies might vary between each and every source.ย 

For example, when you add products from two websites like AliExpress and Iherb to your store the suppliers of those websites would offer different shipping time. If you are selling in the US (for example) Iherb would ship within 2-5 days while AliExpress can take up to 10 days or more depending on the products you choose.

The DSM Tool Templates settings allow you to set different text for each eBay business policy (shipping, returns and payments). This powerful feature not only allow you to set the text that will automatically appear in the product description of every new item you add to you store. It also changes the text dynamically when you add products from different websites.

After reading this article you will know:

  1. How to set up the text for each website in the templates settings

  2. How to validate that the texts will appear in the product description of when you add products to your store


Go to account settings -> templates.

Under the templates tab you will find a few options:

Default policies text -
The default text will appear for every item added to your store from any website unless you create a specific text for that specific website. For example, if you only set up text for AliExpress.com but you add a product from Iherb then every product hat you add to your store from Iherb will appear with the default policy text. Use this option when working only with one website for sourcing products.

Adding new text policy

To set up the text for a specific website, click on the plus button and choose the specific website you want to write the text to and click ADD

You will then see the website being added to the websites selector, you can access the text editor for each website you add by clicking on it and editing the text in there.

After editing the content make sure to click โ€œUpdateโ€.


There are two ways to validate that the template settings are working, the automatic way and the manual way.

The automatic way using the Dynamic Template feature. You can set it as default in the Templates Settings page

Once you set the dynamic template feature, DSM Tool will automatically select the best pre-designed layout for the product description of every new item you add to your store and automatically include the text in the policies section

The manual method using place holders

To add the policies content to the used or default template, Paste these placeholders into your template using the templates editor (click on the edit button in the templates page next to the template you are currently using). The DSM Tool Rapid Lister will replace the place holders with the text in your settings automatically for every product you add to your store.

Adding the place holders of any of the policies will simply inject the text you set up in your settings where you set the place holder. For example, if you paste the payment place holder which looks like that: [[PAYMENT]], the text in your settings for the payment policy will be injected to your eBay template once it's loaded into the Rapid Lister.

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