DSM templates page allows you to take full advantage of your eBay store by working with multiple templates to design your eBay product description in a unique way and increase the trust your buyers have in you and therefore your conversion rate.

In the left menu under the Templates page you’ll find 5 types of Templates:

  1. Free - supported on all subscription 
  2. Dynamic template - click here to learn more
  3. User - Saved templates or added by the user. 
  4. VIP - supported on paid subscription.
  5. Paid - Available for purchase. 

On each template you have the option to preview, edit, delete, or set as default.

Choose a default template
To choose a default template, simply hover over the templates’ title and click “set as default”. You will then see a V mark next to the name.

Editing a template 

To edit a template, click on the edit button , you will be redirected to DSM template editor, here you can add text, images and place holders.

Dynamic policies text
There is an option to add dynamic business policies that will be adjusted by the source you're publishing your item from, the content which will be injected automatically to the listing template. to set up policies please read this guide : Account settings: templates

Adding images to the template
To add images to the template please follow this guide -
Uploading Images To A Template

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