One of the most unique features of eBay stores is the ability to costume design your store and product pages. The product description of your product can be customized using a template. 

You can locate the product description section when you browse eBay products when you scroll down in the product page. In this example you can see that when we scroll down we reach a costume designed red-brown template.

Customizing the product description section on eBay has the potential to increase your sales. eBay sellers use the product description section to introduce themselves, brand their store, create trust and describe their shipping, return and payment policies.
Building trust with your potential buyers can increase the chance they will purchase the product from you, and not from your competitors.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to set up a template for your products in DSM Tool

  2. Editing a template

  3. Increasing sales using the Dynamic Template


We recommend setting up a template as part of the process of adding the first product to your store. The sooner you learn how to use the DSM Tool software the more chance you have to generate sales.

Step 1: Choose a default template
The default template is the most simple customization you can perform to your store. Go to the Templates page, click on one of the templates names to set it as a default template

Costume designed templates built by professional user experience designers are available for purchase if you continue scrolling down the page of templates

Step 2: Adjust the template settings text
DSM Tool is designed for working with multiple product sourcing websites. Since different websites offer different shipping and return policies, you set up a different text to appear in your product descriptions according to the website you are sourcing products from.

Go to the templates settings page and review the text in the policies section. When you decide

If you wish to set different text for different product sourcing websites read this guide


The templates editor let you make changes to the structure of the template to further customize the product pages of your products. Sellers use the editing option to add a personal touch to their product pages (For example: Adding a screen shot of the positive feedback previous buyers gave them)

You can edit a template by clicking on the edit button in the Templates page

Inside the editor there are a few functions you can use to customize your template

Add place holders: The place holders are being filled with data only when you use the lister to import the information for the products you are adding to your store. For example, the Original Title place holder is being replaced with the product title in the sourcing website.
Adding text:
You can add your customized text to any part you would like inside the template
Adding images: You can add any media by clicking on Insert -> Image note that the images cannot be uploaded to DSM Tool. Use a 3rd party service like to upload the picture online. Then copy the image address and paste it in the editor
Edit the HTML code:
To make advanced edits to the HTML code of the template click on View -> Source Code

When you finish editing the template, edit the template's name and save the edited template. Customized templates are labeled in the Templates page gray label with the text USER


Most of the beginner eBay dropshipping sellers sell products from multiple categories. In order to increase the professional look of your store we designed over 30 templates for every category on eBay. 

Each and every one of the templates are available for purchase in the Templates page in DSM Tool, but you can actually get the access to all of them all at once by subscribing to the Dynamic Template feature.

The Dynamic Template is a smart algorithm that automatically detects the recommended category for the product you are trying to add to your store. It then sets the most-fit template to the description of that product according to its category.

The Dynamic Template will save you time and help you increase your store credibility and conversion rate. Make your store look awesome using the most relevant template for each and every one of your products 

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