One of the time consuming actions of dropshippers is the daily follow ups on your sales and listings, for the purpose of adjusting prices based on the listings success.
As a solution to automate your business routine in this matter, We’ve created the pricing strategy feature. 

What is the Pricing Strategy Feature?

It allows you to increase/decrease your listings profit automatically according to their performance, and it gives you control over the amount and the frequency of the changes.

Enabling the pricing strategy feature

  1. To enable the feature, visit the settings page and click on Sales & orders tab.

  2. Switch the button under pricing strategy section to ON.

  3. Click the update button at the bottom of the page to see the feature settings. 

Increase profit

Available parameters for edit:

  1. Number of sales to start from.

  2. The amount to increase - USD or %.

  3. Stop the increase after X times.

For example:
If you would like to raise the price every two sales, by 2%, but stop after 5 times the price was increased, set the parameters as shown below:

To increase the profit infinitely, set it to stop after 0 times

Decrease profit

Available parameters for edit: 

  1. The amount to decrease - USD or %.

  2. Number of days the item did not sell to start from.

  3. 3. Stop the decrease after X times.

For example:
If you would like to decrease the profit for items that did not sell for 15 days, by 1$, but stop after 4 reductions, set the parameters as shown below: 

Do not worry!
The reduction cycle will continue only if the profit is still positive, it will stop when it becomes negative to prevent you from selling in lose. 

Editing the profit, price, break even or source url for an item in the price monitor page will restart the process of “stop after X times”.

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