The Export button to save a list of the displayed table is available at the bottom right of the following pages:

How does it work

  1. Open the page from which you want to export the table from.

For example - Price monitor:

Note: The maximum items that can be exported are 500 at a time, it’s determined by your settings of the table display.

2. Choose from the drop-down list of the Select Columns button which data to export.

3. Click on the Export button and choose which format you would like to save.Recommended format: Excel 2007+

4. After choosing the file format, a pop up message will appear at the top of the page. This is a notification for you to confirm that you have disabled any pop up blocker.

  • Click OK

5. Choose the location to save the file in your computer.

  • choose/create a folder

  • Rename the file (optional)- Click Save

The file is ready!
The File will be exported and downloaded into the chosen folder.

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