Step 1: Import the item from the Supplier

Copy the item URL from the supplier's site and paste it in the Rapid lister.

Tip: you can use DSM Auto-Paste chrome extension to speed up the copy-paste process

  • To import all the variations select "Include all variations" checkbox.

Step 2: Select and edit
The variations will loaded into the Variations section in the lister.
By default all the variations will be selected. you can choose to deselect variations if you don't wish to upload them all to you account.

  • The editable fields are Quantity, Target price, Break even and Desired profit.

  • If non of the variations is selected, the item will be published as single one based on the imported source id.

Step 3: Publish
Make sure you have selected all of the variants you want to be published, and that you have done editing the variants in the variations section.
Then click on publish Now to publish the item immediately, or Scheduled to choose the time of the upload.

Multi variations listings view in the Price Monitor page

The listing will be visible in your price monitor table.
To show all the variations of all the items, simply click on the expand all variations button as shown in the image (1)
 If collapsed, to identify a variation item look for the expand button under the image (2)
For your convenience, the variations names will be shown under the title for each variant. (3)

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