eBay is changing in the upcoming years the flow of searching, buying and listing products to a Product - based browsing system which is similar to Amazon's “Buy Box” where all listings in the same product will be grouped all together.

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What is ePID?

ePID is the abbreviate for ‘eBay Product ID’ which is referring to the ID numbers of the products in the eBay catalog. This is similar to the ASIN (Amazon Standard Indentifivation Number) of Amazon and this will be used in the new product - based system on eBay.

The goal is for every item on eBay to be represented in the catalog. This new system will help buyers to easily search products using popular terms or keywords and give the chance for more sales for sellers.

All sellers who want their inventory included in the new product-based shopping experience will need to provide complete and accurate item specifics to optimize your listings for product-based shopping.

In order to comply with these new update, it us required to connect to the new eBay API connection.

How to connect to the new API?

Go to DSM Settings > General > Click “Connect to new API

After that, it will show a confirmation that "Token connected successfully".

Once, connected, you will now see the option to automatically assign your existing listings to ePID.

After following the steps above, you're all set.

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